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Vinay Prakash, a new grievance officer at Twitter India, has been appointed to comply with new IT rules

In the wake of tensions with the government, Twitter’s India branch recruited a resident grievance officer, only days after appointing a chief compliance officer, to comply with new IT laws in the nation.

On Sunday, the US social media firm’s website announced Vinay Prakash as the new grievance officer, along with his contact information and methods for users to report suspected rule and term breaches.

Twitter informed an Indian court on Thursday that it will hire an interim grievance officer to enforce the new guidelines. It further said that a final appointment for the post will be made in eight weeks.

The IT laws, which went into effect at the end of May, are aimed at controlling social media material and requiring companies to respond more quickly to legal requests to delete posts and share information about message originators.

However, governmental monitoring of Twitter, as well as other companies like WhatsApp and Amazon, has heightened tensions between US internet companies and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, disrupting business in a crucial growing area.

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