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Web Hosting Plans for Small Business

Web Hosting Plans for Small Business

Professional web hosting services can deliver growing businesses the tools they need to get the most out of their investment in their online presence, but perhaps just as important as the provider chosen is the hosting plan used. Some hosting plans offer the flexibility and functionality that advanced users demand while others are geared more toward value and convenience.

Shared Web Hosting

Shared web hosting presents a well-rounded package of benefits, providing access to a large pool of bandwidth that helps ensure your site runs as smoothly as possible, around the clock technical support for when things don’t run as smoothly, and custom site creation tools that allow you to bring your vision of your business to life.

Shared business web hosting through iiNet is also typically much less expensive than other hosting options because the host provides their bandwidth as one large pool that multiple clients share, decreasing operational costs and service expense. Typical shared business web hosting plans separate into tiers based on a user’s need for bandwidth, but the needs of most small businesses fall squarely within the lower level limits of common plans.

Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is designed for companies that want to provide hosting services to others as well as maintain their own web pages. Reseller hosting is most often used by individuals who manage multiple ecommerce sites, as they each require their own individual security certification and control panel.

Dedicated Hosting

Where shared hosting gives a group of site creators access to a large pool of bandwidth to power their websites, dedicated hosting gives a business access to its own private server. Dedicated hosting allows you to host multiple heavily trafficked websites with data-hungry features, and many companies who employ dedicated hosting also sell hosting services to other companies.

Dedicated hosting presents the most comprehensive hosting solution available, but these services are only available at a heavy premium over other hosting types, and this makes them suitable for only the most resource-intensive businesses and national firms.
Once you’ve decided to put your small business on the global stage by building it a website, the next step is to decide on what type of hosting solution is right for you. Although the largest companies and those with massive customer databases may require dedicated server hosting, the majority of privately run businesses will be served well with a quality shared hosting provider.

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