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What are the steps to become a Windows Insider?

Since its inception, Windows has been a flexible operating system. Microsoft has made it possible for customers to sign up for the beta version of the programme and become Windows Insiders, allowing them to contribute feedback on the next version of Windows.

Microsoft published the first public insider copy of Windows 11, its next-generation operating system, last month. Follow the steps below to become a Windows Insider and receive the newest beta builds. We don’t advocate installing the insider preview builds on your primary PC since they might produce difficulties that you don’t want to encounter.

A licenced version of Windows, preferably the most recent, is required to enter the application. Also, save your work before moving on to the next stages, as your computer may restart multiple times:

Step 1

On Microsoft’s website, you may sign up for the Insider Program. You must use the same Microsoft account as you use for other Microsoft services to register.

Step 2

You will be admitted to the Insider Preview Program once you have accepted and submitted the conditions of the Program Agreement and Privacy Statement.

Step 3

Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Insider Program on your Windows device using the admin account.

Step 4

To begin, click the Get Started button. Select the Add button under Choose an account to get started. Continue by connecting the Microsoft account you used to signup.

Step 5

Select the channel via which you’d want to receive updates now. The fast channel will provide you more updates, but it will be less stable. The slow channel will receive fewer updates, but they will be more consistent.

Step 6

Examine the Privacy Statement as well as the program’s conditions. To finish setting up your device, confirm and select Restart Now or Restart Later.

Step 7

After you’ve double-checked that your data settings are correct, go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update.

Step 8

Now, click the Check for Updates button to get the most recent Insider Preview build depending on your preferences.

Step 9

Your device will now update in the same way as a Windows update would.

After the reboot, your device will be running Windows 10 Preview Build. If you notice any issues in the builds, you can now send feedback to Microsoft. You will also be able to experience the all-new Windows 11 if you are qualified.

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