WhatsApp bug allowed account hacking with video call

WhatsApp bug allowed account hacking with video call

Security issues have been darkening the facebook door for a while now. Only last the week the company disclosed its worst ever security breach affecting as many as 50 million user accounts. Now there is a new security nightmare for Facebook as well as WhatsApp users as it turns out a bug in the Facebook Whatsapp messaging Service has allowed hackers to access and take over user’s application with their data if they answered an incoming video call. Ever since the reports surfaced on the popular technology websites ZDnet and the Register, they have created quite a sensation.

Whatsapp as a messaging service is thought to be one of the safest. This breach of security will undoubtedly distort the brand perception of Whatsapp messaging service, in the mind of the user. This may, in turn, lead to major backlash for the app.

This weakness mainly plagues the Whatsapp messaging services on Android and Apple smartphones. It was discovered as early as the month of August this year and had been fixed by October according to the reports that were published online. The amount of damage that could have been done to the security system before the breach was discovered can only be imagined.

Facebook was unavailable for comment on the issue of this security debacle concerning Whatsapp messaging services so whether the bug was ever used to use user data and information before the weakness was identified and fixed is wrapped in shrouds of mystery. However, the prospect is enough to send shivers down the spine of WhatsApp users. And in the meantime rumors are flying high and wide. Google Project Zero discovered the bug at first. One of the researchers there, Travis Ormandy says “Just ++answering a call from an attacker could completely compromise WhatsApp.”

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