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WhatsApp for Android is experimenting with a new colour scheme

WhatsApp for Android is receiving a new colour scheme that is brighter than the previous one. The modification is originally made available to beta testers for testing reasons. However, if the testing goes well, it will be made public (as per the required results). The new colour palette is applicable to both the light and dark WhatsApp themes and can be seen in any of the key interface components, including the backdrop and the send button. The latest WhatsApp beta also restores the group creation date.

According to WhatsApp beta tracker WABetaInfo, the improvements are first accessible through WhatsApp for Android beta version

The new colour palette, which is available in both dark and light themes, is one of the most noticeable modifications. Although WhatsApp still uses a green colour, it is a lighter tint. When you compare the earlier and current WhatsApp beta releases side by side, you’ll notice a difference.

The new colour palette can be seen in all main aspects, including the top bar, background, and message bubbles. The Send button has also been updated. Furthermore, the icons in the Settings menu have been changed from green to grey.

WABetaInfo has also observed a new colour scheme for the ring that appears over status updates and the chat sharing sheet.

The latest WhatsApp beta version has a date for group formation. It was there before, but the Facebook-owned business quietly removed the date for Android users. The creation date, on the other hand, has been visible to iPhone owners for quite some time.

WhatsApp has also replaced the previous “Type a message” button on the conversation bar with a new “Message” button. It had already been modified for certain beta users. Download the latest WhatsApp beta on your Android smartphone to see all of the changes. The app is now accessible on Google Play for those who have signed up for the test programme.

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