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WhatsApp is working on a feature to speed up the playback of voice messages

WhatsApp is said to be working on a new voice message playback speed feature that will allow users to adjust the speed at which audio messages are played.

The features were discovered by feature tracker WABetaInfo, as is customary. The application tracker also posted screenshots of the replay speed feature, revealing that the company is working on adding three-speed levels — 1x, 1.5x, and 2x — to the feature. WhatsApp users would be able to fast-forward long audio messages in this way.

The WhatsApp Web Beta software, which is being beta tested for iOS users, is the second feature discovered. This feature was first spotted for Android in January, and it appears to be in the works for iOS as well.

Users will be able to publicly test multi-device access, which means they will be able to use WhatsApp Web without having to keep their phones connected to the Internet. You can connect up to four desktop devices at once you enter the beta. This also refers to Facebook’s Portal operation.

As the beta program progresses, certain functionality, such as message deletion and other missing features, may be introduced. WhatsApp Enterprise will be able to use the beta software as well.

There is currently no word about when these features will be made available in the public beta edition. Even if you have the most recent iOS beta updated, you will not see these features because they are still in development.

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