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YouTube Launches Picture-in-Picture Mode for iOS Users Worldwide: How to Install Apps on Your iPhone

According to Gadgets 360, YouTube has begun rolling out the much-anticipated Picture-in-Picture option to all YouTube Premium users on iOS globally, including India. iPhone users will now be able to view YouTube videos in a small player while using other applications as a consequence of the upgrade. Picture-in-Picture (or PiP) compatibility for YouTube users on iOS was first announced by Google in June of this year. It was first available to users in the United States. YouTube also begun asking Premium users to test the feature earlier this week, ahead of its official launch.

A YouTube representative confirmed to Gadgets 360 that Picture-in-Picture has begun to roll out internationally for all YouTube Premium members on iOS.

“Picture-in-Picture (PiP) enables users to view YouTube videos in a small micro player while surfing outside of the YouTube app on their mobile device. “We’re starting to roll out PiP for YouTube Premium subscribers on iOS,” stated a spokesman.

While the new experience is progressively being sent out to iOS users throughout the world, 9to5Google discovered that Google has begun testing the functionality among Premium customers. Gadgets 360 was able to independently confirm that the testing is now live for YouTube Premium members in India, as well as their global counterparts.

How to use YouTube Picture-in-Picture on iOS

The steps below outline how to utilise YouTube Picture-in-Picture on iOS. However, before proceeding, it is important to note that you must currently sign up for the testing of the Picture-in-Picture mode on YouTube for iOS by going to YouTube’s experimental features site ( from your Web browser and clicking on the Try it out button located under the ‘Picture-in-Picture on iOS’ listing. Make sure you’re on the site after logging in with your YouTube Premium account.

1. Once you’ve signed up for testing, use the YouTube app and select one of your favourite videos.

2. Now, on your iPhone, slide up or click the home button to watch the video in Picture-in-Picture mode.

It’s worth mentioning that you may need to reinstall the YouTube app on your iPhone in some situations to obtain the PiP mode. To appreciate the new experience, you should also have the most recent YouTube version installed.

The Picture-in-Picture testing session on YouTube for iOS is open until October 31. However, because YouTube has confirmed its global deployment, it is probable that the new feature will be available to a substantial number of users before the trial period expires.

Picture-in-Picture mode has been accessible on YouTube for a long time on Android. Android customers in the United States who are running Android Oreo or above and do not have a paid membership received an ad-supported version of PiP playback in 2018.

However, on iOS, the Picture-in-Picture mode has not been accessible since the beginning, despite the fact that it was tested with certain iPhone and iPad users in the United States last year and early this year. Until today, iOS users could also access PiP playback on YouTube using the Safari browser.

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